Famed jewelry, grill designer gives exclusive look into his new store

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- To say this is a big day for Johnny Dang and Paul Wall would be an understatement.

Paul Wall's new album dropped on Friday.

Wall and his business partner, Johnny Dang, are set to open this multimillion-dollar facility right here in Houston.

Dang is known across the country for his grills but lately, he's got his sights set on even more merchandise.

From clothes, shoes, and, of course, jewelry, the new store on Richmond, near the Galleria has it all.

Including on-site custom jewelry manufacturing.

"Me and my partner Paul Wall have been making grills forever they are still very popular right now," said Dang.

A year ago, the store started as an idea and now, it's set to open Saturday evening with a red carpet opening and a guest list full of athletes and artists.

Dang arrived here two decades ago, but it's part of a much longer journey struggling day by day.

"Look at me now 20 years later. I got my own 14,000 square-foot building," said Dang.

He's sharing this joy with his family, including his wife, siblings and his two children.

Making grills and jewelry is a passion, but behind the flash and glitz lies plenty of substance and heart.

"I feel so blessed this is, you know, the American dream," he said.
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