Here's how you can see iconic photos of Selena, Beyoncé and more at the Museum of Fine Arts

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Museum of Fine Arts' latest exhibit, titled Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography, features more than 200 photos showcasing a diverse view of fashion and fashion photography. That includes iconic pictures of celebrities such as Beyoncé, Selena, Madonna, Cardi B and more.

"One of our goals for shaping it for Houston was to make it a more diverse exhibition that included greater representations of African American and Latinx, and Asian models, photographers, and designers," said curator of photography Malcolm Daniel.

Just like art, fashion represents culture, and you can track cultural and political changes just by looking at the clothing and photography choices over the past 100 years.

One of the photos is Beyoncé's iconic 2018 Vogue magazine cover.

"It was the first time in the 125-year history of Vogue that the cover was shot by an African American photographer," said Daniel.

The exhibit also features an instantly recognizable photo of Selena.

"The photographer tells this story of her pulling up to his studio, driving her own car, opening the hatchback and it's filled with all the fashion and costumes that she had herself made," said Daniel. "So, this bustier and this leather biker hat, that's her own design and her sense of style."

The exhibit runs through Sep. 22.

For more information, visit the MFAH's website.

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