This 5-year-old runway model is the queen of dress-up

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston mom is taking the words "dress-up" to a whole new level.

Brittany Cain dresses her 5-year-old daughter, Layla Cain, as a celebrity every Wednesday on social media.

The Houston mom told Eyewitness News that she started 'Twinkie Wednesday's' on her daughter's social media pages as a platform for the aspiring fashion model to perfect her craft.

"Twinkie Wednesday's are everything to us," Brittany said. "Queen Layla loves a challenge."

Layla has delivered celebrity pictures for her Instagram and Facebook followers for over a year now. Her mother says they get inspiration from women who are fashionable and positive role models around the world.

"When she does Twinkie Wednesday's it's showing the celebrities that little girls are watching them all over the world," said Brittany.

And if you're wondering where Layla gets her killer fashion style, it's right at home.

"People always ask me where we get the clothing from for Twinkie Wednesday. These items come from my closet, my husband's, my mother, or father's. We then tailor the clothing to fit Layla's body," said Brittany. "I do her makeup every Wednesday and my mom does her hair every Wednesday."

Layla's goal is encourage younger girls to continue to fight for what they want no matter the obstacles life may throw your way.

At 13 days old, Layla was diagnosed with Group B Strep and had to be hospitalized for two weeks. Overcoming that, Layla feels that she has to inspire younger girls.

"She feels as though she was destined to fight to be here, and set an example for young girls that queening isn't easy. You will go through some life challenging moments, but you can adjust your crown and get back up again," said Brittany.

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