Pool safety tips to keep your family safe this summer

Experts estimate that 200 young children will drown in swimming pools each year. Before you head out for fun in the sun this summer, make sure you know how to keep your family safe at the pool. Tips from the American Red Cross can be found in the video above.

How much time does it take to drown? In the time it takes to...

-Cross a room for a towel (10 sec), a child in a bathtub can be submerged.
-Answer the phone (2 min), a child can lose consciousness.

-Sign for a package at the front door (4-6 min), a child submerged in a tub or pool can sustain permanent brain damage.
Test your knowledge about drowning and ways to protect your children by taking a 5-question quiz from the YMCA. You might be surprised at your score!
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