Mom: Third-grade son not allowed to wear earrings at Galena Park school

GALENA PARK, Texas (KTRK) -- Jordan, 9, wanted something for his birthday Sunday: a pair of small gold earring studs and to have his ears pierced.

"I wasn't surprised," said his mother, who asked she not be identified. "His older cousins wear earrings, and so do I. He's not afraid to express himself through his style."

His 18-year-old cousin, who's a young man, is regarded by the third-grader as a brother.

Her son went to his elementary school in Galena Park Monday. A few minutes later, his mother was called by the school counselor, telling her that the earrings violated school dress policy.

"The counselor told me it wasn't up to her and it was up to the school board and she had to enforce the policy," she said.

A Galena Park ISD communications officer did not comment on the incident, but referred us to the student handbook. On page one, it specifies that boys cannot wear earrings in elementary or middle schools. Jordan's mother said she was unaware of the rule. If she had been, she said, "I probably wouldn't have done it, but I still question why it singles out only one sex and not all the kids."

Jordan's earrings were covered with bandaids at school on Monday. His earrings will be left at home. His mother believes the school policy, which has been in effect for some time, should be updated to reflect current trends.

"It's a matter of equality," she said.

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