Mistaken text leads to lifelong bond

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Mistaken text leads to extra guest at Thanksgiving (KTRK)

A family in Arizona shared their Thanksgiving meal with a complete stranger, thanks to a text mix-up.

You may remember hearing this story last week.

Wanda Dench texted her Thanksgiving invite to the wrong person. But even when they figured out the mistake, she still told him to come over anyway.

Dench's already big family grew by one: Jamal Hinton, who got that text.

It was a simple gesture that gave everyone "the feels" and won over the internet.

On Thanksgiving, no one is more grateful than these two, thankful for a blessing in disguise.

"It's come from God above, he's just using us as tools and vessels to bring a message from others," Dench said.

Two strangers that made the world smile with their selfies, standing together, smiling over a friendship that's sure to last a lifetime.
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