Inside the lies we tell our kids

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White lies can be a parent's best coping mechanism. Take a look inside the most common fibs. (Shutterstock)

From time to time, a white lie can be a parent's greatest tool. Take a look behind a couple of the most common white lies that parents tell their children:

THE LIE: The food I'm eating is super spicy!
THE TRUTH: I really don't want to share it with you!

THE LIE: I'll look for that craft you made last week.
THE TRUTH: It went straight into the garbage.

THE LIE: I have to go make dinner/clean/fold laundry.
THE TRUTH: Mommy needs some alone time. Please don't follow me.

THE LIE: Your favorite shirt is dirty.
THE TRUTH: I can't stand seeing you in that Batman shirt one more day in a row (and it probably is dirty from you wearing it so much!)

THE LIE: Starbucks only serves adults and only sells adult drinks.
THE TRUTH: Coffee is vital. Frappuccinos and cake pops are not.

What do you tell your kids when you need a break?
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