Group confesses to faking kidnapping at Walmart for attention on social media

Thursday, May 24, 2018
Group fakes abduction at Walmart
Police say a group faked an abduction so that they could get attention on social media.

CHESTERFIELD, Virginia (KTRK) -- Five people in Virginia could soon be charged in a kidnapping hoax that lasted nearly 24 hours.

Police in Chesterfield county say surveillance video shows four men grabbing a young woman in a Walmart parking lot and putting her in a pickup truck that took off as stunned witnesses called police.

But as police watched other cameras on the video, they noticed the girl get out of the truck a short distance away and then walk off with some of those men.

The group later confessed to police that they knew each other and that they staged the abduction to get traction on social media.

Police are now discussing what charges will be filed.