Protective dad has hilarious response for 'Rude' singer

(YouTube, Benji Jenna Cowart)

It's a classic debate: Should you get married if your dad hates your potential future husband?

MAGIC!'s hit "Rude" tells the story of a man trying to ask for a father's blessing to marry his daughter. The dad, though, is less than thrilled about the guy who wants to be a part of his family. Insulted, the singer insists, "Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too?" He then vows that he'll "marry her anyway" to the dad's continued protests.

The original brings up a good point that a woman should be able to choose her own future husband, but it's definitively one-sided, painting the dad as a heartless control freak.

So how might the dad really feel about all this? Musicians Benji and Jenna Cowart have your answer: The guy in the song is just not good enough for their daughter. He sings, "Why you gotta call me rude? I'm doing what a dad should do." Here's the entire hilarious parody:

Well played, dad, though something tells me nothing is going to stop the persistent singer in "Rude." All we're missing now is the woman's response to this spat. (It's her decision to make, after all!)

Watch the original and decide for yourself: Who's in the right? Or are they both a little...rude?
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