5 tips for a safe and fun Halloween night

With Halloween just around the corner, parents need to brush up on some safety tips.

1.) Watch the Roadways
Experts told abc13 the biggest concern is getting around neighborhoods. Make sure you have a conversation with your child about safely crossing streets. Make sure kids know to look both ways and only cross the street at crosswalks or lights.

Officer Jeremy Lahar spoke with Eyewitness News about some of the other hazards that come on All Hallows' Eve.

2.) Check Your Candy Carefully
Lahar said adult supervision is a must for children under the age of 12. He also stressed the importance of checking candy. Make sure the treats are in original packaging and haven't been tampered with.

3.) Discuss Alternative Celebrations for Safety
Also, consider a controlled function. What can you do instead of walking the neighborhood? Is your church, school, or community center celebrating the holiday?

4.) Do Your Best to Stand Out
Lahar said to remember it's dark out there during Halloween, you may want to do what you can to make sure you child can be seen.

"The way we can do that is by decorating the costume and the bags with reflective tape and with stickers," Lahar said. "Another thing that can be done is sending the kids out with glow sticks and flash lights so they can be seen by drivers."

5.) Have Fun, But Don't Be a Terror in the Streets
Pranksters, be warned. Officers do not give a pass just because it's Halloween. Criminal mischief is criminal mischief. For adults, get a ride home if you're too intoxicated to make the drive.
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