Emergency response drill in La Porte today

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Thursday, August 27, 2015
Emergency vehicle
An emergency response drill is scheduled for the La Porte area today.
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LA PORTE, TX (KTRK) -- Residents of La Porte and neighboring communities may see more emergency response personnel and vehicles than normal this week. On Thursday, August 27, a drill will be hosted by the La Porte, Morgan's Point and Shoreacres Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA) to practice coordinating responses to large-scale industrial incidents.

The 2015 emergency response drill will simulate emergency incidents at LyondellBasell Bayport Polymers, LyondellBasell Bayport Choate, and Lubrizol Bayport, and will test the response capabilities of multiple agencies and organizations, including the City of La Porte. No actual chemicals will be released during the drill, but emergency responders will be on-scene and drill activities may be visible to passing motorists and community residents.

"Drills and exercises are important tools to assess the coordination between the City of La Porte and industry," said LEPC Chairman Clayton Hackett. "Drills allow us to evaluate our emergency response plans, personnel, and equipment, and be better prepared to respond to a real incident in the future."

The City of La Porte will activate its Emergency Operations Center to test communications and coordination between emergency responders on-scene and City management in the EOC.

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