How you can earn $17 an hour by working the polls this election season

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Friday, September 25, 2020
Harris County needs thousands of poll workers
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A lot of companies are even giving employees the day off for Election Day and are encouraging them to work at the polls this year.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Early voting in Harris County starts in less than three weeks, and so do the job opportunities.

You may never have thought of this before, but workers at the polling locations get paid and this year, they need more workers in Harris County than ever before.

The reason? Harris County is trying to make voting easier than ever by expanding the number of places you can vote early.

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There will be 120 early voting locations opening on Oct. 13.

On Election Day, there will be more than 800 polling places in the county.

All of them need workers and all those jobs pay $17 an hour.

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"We are going to need as many as 11,000 election workers, not only to work the polls, but to serve at call centers and to receive mail ballots as they come in to process them. These are all extremely important tasks," said Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins.

Several large companies including Target and Old Navy are giving employees the day off to go vote on Election Day and work the polls on Nov. 3.

If you want to work the election visit

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