Yates HS principal announces resignation, as video surfaces

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Video of a student sweeping at a local high school is raising questions about an HISD attendance policy.

Students who pass a course, but miss too many days end up not getting course credit, but through the 'asterisk program,' students can make up those missed days.

Video inside the halls of Jack Yates High School shows one student with a mop in hand, sweeping the floors while her teachers questioned what she was doing.

The girl in the video explains she's earning back time that she wasn't in class.

"What is asterisk removal?" asked a voice on the video.

"When you miss days of school or you were tardy too much," said the student. "You get asterisk on your report."

She said four hours of cleaning will help to make up one day she missed.

According to the district, the video surfaced early this year. At that time, a complaint was made that students were earning academic credits for the community service.

The district concluded that was false.

Students were working under the asterisk program to earn back missed days.

Yet the district did ask the principal, Donetrus Hill, to do away with the janitorial work and figure out another task for students to do.

The district said Principal Hill did not violate district policy and changed the program.

Some speculated Hill resigned because of the fallout, yet the district said Hill's resignation has nothing to do with the asterisk program.

We went by Hill's home, but someone who answered said Hill didn't have any comment at this time.
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