Racist message written on Lanier Middle School student's notebook

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A racist message was written on the back of a Lanier Middle School student's notebook.

A racist message was written on the back of a Lanier Middle School student's notebook.

That student's mother told Eyewitness News when she tried to report what happened to her son, she couldn't get a meeting with the principal so she posted a picture of the racist message to social media.

The message included profanity, the N-word, a swastika, and the words "To Kill an N-word." An eighth-grade student at Lanier Middle School found this sprawled across the back of his notebook about three weeks ago.

"What goes through my mind is: it's absolutely shocking," Angela Foster said.

Foster had not heard about this incident until we spoke with her outside the school Thursday afternoon.

The victim's mom told ABC13 another eighth grader defaced her son's notebook while he stepped away from the lunch table. He just told her this week because he worried about what she'd say.

She didn't want to talk to us on camera, but says she wants Lanier parents to be informed that this is happening. She also tells me the principal didn't indicate that she'd tell the parents, which she believed was unacceptable.

"It's absolutely not reflective of at least my experience as a parent at Lanier, my children's experience as a parent at Lanier," Foster said.

HISD sent this statement: "Lanier Middle School administrators are aware of an inappropriate message a student reportedly wrote on a classmate's notebook. The matter is being handled administratively. The student in question will be disciplined per the HISD Student Code of Conduct. The use of such language is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

"I don't even know really at this point if a punishment should be the word we're using," explained Foster. "We need to just find out what's the motivation. What's going on with him. That's a really young age for that kind of thing to be going on."

Nobody could confirm the race of the student in question, but told he was not white nor was he black. The victim's mother says what she hopes will come out of this story is that Lanier faculty take steps to learn how to have sensitive conversations about race.
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