Adorable daddy-daughter ballet class is peak #GirlDad

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020
This adorable daddy-daughter ballet class is peak #GirlDad
Real dads do ballet at E'Chappe Dance Arts, where the daddy-daughter connection is stronger than ever.

There is something special about a little girl's relationship with her dad and the bond they create.

Erin Lee, the founder of E'Chappe Dance Arts, started noticing how involved her student's dads were in getting them ready for class.

"They're dropping off, they're picking up," she says. "They are really involved, making sure they have their dance shoes."

So, she invited the men to join in.

Every Saturday, the daddies and daughters put on their dance shoes and participate in what Lee calls BOGA, it is a mix between Ballet and Yoga.

"It's really important for me because not a lot of dads are spending time with their kids where I grew up," says Brandon DeBose of Northeast Philadelphia. "It's really important that I take time out every day to spend with her."