Alief HS student graduates early in hospital during cancer fight

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Alief student graduates early during cancer fight
Alief student graduates early during cancer fight

The color guard at Alief Hastings High School is a tight knit group and they are on a mission.

Ebony Banks is a senior at Alief Hastings High School and a member of the color guard.

A stage four diagnosis of cancer has kept Banks out of the classroom much of the year.

"We love Ebony," said sophomore Karina Gutierrez.

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In an effort to help make one of Banks' biggest dreams come true, her friends have started using the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE on social media.

"EBOB" is Banks' nickname.

"(Banks) is a really big fan of (Beyonce) and she has so much love for her that we really want to get (Banks) to meet her," said senior Cristal Depaz.

Last week, the school district held a graduation ceremony for Banks at MD Anderson Hospital.

"You don't really know what can happen with cancer. You don't know if it's going to go away or come back. (It's) a scary thought," said Gutierrez.

Now Banks' friends are working to grant her wish and they're asking everyone to join in.

"Beyonce is one of her idols. She admires her so much, so we're trying to put that on Twitter and Instagram to get Beyonce's attention," said Gutierrez.

Even teachers have said that Banks has taught them something through this process.

Director of Bands Paul Brodt said, "I've seen her handle all kinds of adversity and she always does it with a smile on her face."

According to Banks' friends, whatever they can do to show their support, they will.

"We try to make sure she has a smile on her face and to make her wishes come true," said Depaz.