Easter egg dye kits put to the test

Thursday, April 2, 2015
Easter egg dye kits put to the test
Patricia Lopez and her three girls tested kits to see which one you should spend your money on

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Easter Sunday is just a few days away, and Easter egg dye kits are flying off store shelves.

But before you purchase them, we went to work to see if some of the kits deliver what they promise on the box.

There are so many different brands that promise different looks for your Easter eggs, but we narrowed it down to three options and put them to the test with Patricia Lopez and her three daughters.

PAAS Neon Tie Dye Kit - $2

PAAS Neon Tie Dye Kit

Inside the Neon Tie Dye Kit box there were several parts, including a plastic egg holder.

We had to cut a slit in the plastic and use a pencil to make dimples in the container. Then, we wrapped our egg with the fabric supplied in the kit and inserted the egg into the plastic holder.

Once we did that, we mixed the color tabs with water and vinegar. Using a plastic dropper, the kids applied the dye into the holes in the plastic egg holder.

Five minutes later we pulled out the egg and added another design using a wrapper in the kit. We had to affix the wrapper with a hair dryer.

For the amount of work that we put in to decorate one egg, we wouldn't do this one again.

24 Karat Eggs - $2.99

24K Eggs Coloring Kit

This kit from the Easter Unlimited brand came with paint and glaze. First, empty the paint into the plastic container provided. Then, mix the glaze and use the paint brush to color each egg.

After some painting, we let them dry. Although the colors were vibrant, we likely wouldn't purchase this kit again. The eggs were hard to work with because the paint kept streaking.

Dudley's Glitter Tie Dye Kit - $2.99

Dudley's Glitter Tie Dye Kit

The Glitter Tie Dye Kit proved to be the easiest and least messy of the kits we tested.

Drop an egg into the supplied plastic bag, add two different colored dyes, then mix. Pull out the egg after a minute, then add glitter, and let it dry.

Although our egg dye did run a little, we gave the kit a thumbs up for ease of use.