Duck reportedly survives after getting swallowed by Lake Berryessa's 'Glory Hole' spillway in Napa County

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Friday, March 8, 2019
Duck reportedly survives after plunging down 'Glory Hole'
Did the duck survive or not? One man says the bird made it out alive after getting swallowed by Lake Berryessa's "Glory Hole". Some experts, however, are skeptical.

NAPA COUNTY, California -- A lucky duck reportedly survived after plunging down Lake Berryessa's "Glory Hole" in Napa County, capturing the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

Rick Fowler is a water resources technician with the Solano County Water Agency. He recently captured video of the duck going down the famous spillway.

He tells our ABC sister station KXTV, the duck took a wild ride but did make it out on the other side.

Some experts are skeptical of the reported "miracle on Lake Berryessa."

Melissa Vignau with the Solano Irrigation District told KXTV there was no way the bird actually survived because of the velocity of the water.

But, Fowler insists the duck is alive. How does he know?

Fowler says he immediately ran over to the other side of the spillway to see if the duck would make it. He was surprised to see it did.