Innocent driver killed in crash, other driver accused of 4th DWI

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Monday, February 3, 2020
Accused drunk driver had 3 DWI's before fatal crash
This is what we know about Jeffery Davis, the man accused of causing a fatal collision.

A man accused of driving while intoxicated for the fourth time has been charged with murder following a crash that killed another driver in northwest Harris County.

Investigators say the victim, Eduardo Tovias, was driving down Bammel North Houston Road around 7:45 p.m. Sunday when the suspected drunk driver, 57-year-old Jeffery Davis slammed into him. According to authorities, Davis allegedly tried to turn left because he had a flashing yellow light.

"The citizens of Harris County are tired of this. (They're) tired of seeing me on TV, tired of sheriff Gonzalez tweeting about this. We are all tired of being out here and dealing with these kinds of things. So every person that helped this person get this intoxicated is going to face charges," Harris County District Attorney's Division Chief Sean Teare said.

Tovias was pronounced dead at the scene and Davis was transported to a hospital.

As the investigation continues, investigators say if it is discovered that the suspect was overserved at a bar, they will go after that bar too.

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