1-year-old injured after explosion occurs while dad allegedly makes drugs in bathroom

FRESNO, California -- A honey oil explosion sent a 1-year-old to the hospital with second and third degree burns over the majority of his body.

It happened just after noon on Tuesday.

First responders were called to the apartment after a butane honey oil explosion.

Narcotics investigators and fire investigators believe 37-year-old Dell Young was in the process of manufacturing butane honey oil when it flashed.

Police have arrested Young on several felony charges including child endangerment.

"That could've started that whole apartment complex on fire, not just that little boy but everyone in the neighborhood could've been affected by that lab," said Sgt. Tim Tietjen.

On top of the four counts of felony child abuse, Young is now facing arson, manufacturing honey oil with the intent to sell and having a honey oil.
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