5 steps to dress up your ponytail

Let's face it. We all have days we don't want to wash our hair and wearing it down won't work, so we throw up it up into a ponytail. Instead of an ordinary pony, you've got to try this style.

Cory Jagneaux from The Upper Hand Salon has the easiest dressed up ponytail, and all it takes is five steps:
1. Part your hair from ear to ear, and clip the front part up.
2. Put a ponytail in the bottom half of the hair.
3. Release the clipped section, and with the hair parted where you choose, take one side and bring it over to the other side of the ponytail and under, pinning it underneath to secure it.
4. Take the other side of hair and bring it over the ponytail and pin it underneath.
5. Clean up any loose pieces under the ponytail by pinning in place.

This style works best on medium-length hair, looks amazing and takes minutes to achieve!
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