BEST JOB EVER: Airline offers to pay people to travel for free and put it on Snapchat

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Here's a dream job for a person who loves to travel and loves posting about it. WOW Air is looking to hire four people who will get to travel around the world for free and Snapchat their experiences this summer.

The Icelandic budget airline will pay for its selected "SnapTravelers" to visit four of its 28 destinations - which include Barcelona, Copenhagen, Warsaw, San Francisco, and more - over three months, from June to August.

The best part is that WOW will cover all the travel expenses including airfare, lodging, and any activities. Plus, the lucky participants get a travel allowance to spend on their amazing trips. The trips will last between three to eight days and include at least two Snapchat-worthy activities.

Snapchatters are encouraged to help plan their trips and suggest activities, though ultimately the airline will decide what they do.

Eligible applicants must be aged 18 or over, able to speak English well, and in good physical and mental health.

To apply, you'll need to create a two-minute Snapchat story, save the story to your phone, and submit it to the application page on WOW Air's website by May 8, along with your personal details, including your email address, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat handles.

WOW Air will announce the winning Snapchatters over its social media accounts on May 17.