She's a Pepper: Woman, 104, thanks Dr. Pepper for her long life

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Friday, March 20, 2015
Is Dr. Pepper the secret to old age?
A Fort Worth woman says the secret to a long and happy life lies at the bottom of a Dr. Pepper can.

FORT WORTH, TX -- One of Fort Worth's oldest residents is contributing her longevity to Dr. Pepper soda.

"Well at 103 I didn't think I'd make it, but I'm still perking along," Elizabeth Sullivan told KTVT-TV.

Feisty and fit as a fiddle at 104, Sullivan said she does not need the advice of real doctors. Instead, she keeps another doctor on hand. Dr. Pepper.

Sullivan, a retired high school math teacher, started gulping the trademark "23 flavors" after she turned 60.

"I started drinking them about 40 years ago," said Sullivan. "Three a day. Every doctor that sees me says they'll kill you, but they die and I don't. So there must be a mistake somewhere."

Sullivan celebrated her 104th birthday with a big, Dr. Pepper shaped cake.

Sullivan's story even made it up the ranks at Dr. Pepper headquarters, and the company's CEO gave her a gift basket.

"When you live to be 104 and still can talk to nice people, you deserve some Dr. Pepper, but I never expected this."

As for any other secrets to a happy and very long life Sullivan said, "you just keep living."