Dr Pepper Museum July 4th 'Soda-bration' leaves epic mess after scientific demonstration

Monday, July 6, 2020
Dr Pepper Museum celebrates the 4th with soda
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Mentos, Dr Pepper, and the National Anthem. What could possibly go wrong? Video courtesy of the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute

WACO, Texas -- Controlled explosions commemorating America's independence are usually done with fireworks.

Until the talented ambassadors at an iconic Texas soft drink museum got involved.

Instead of Roman candles and mortar shells, the staff at the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute in Waco put their soda science skills to work Saturday in a patriotic display that had its near-hit moments.

As the Star Spangled Banner played, museum staff used a series of pull strings to trigger fireworks-inspired bubbles using Mentos mints.

Placing Mentos mints into carbonated beverage bottles causes a rapid creation of bubbles that shoot out at high velocities.

Eye goggles and a plastic rain poncho were smartly worn for the big display. Organizers came up with the idea after seeing a number of fireworks displays had been canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Dr Pepper was first created in Waco in 1885. The museum celebrates the drink's history in a former bottling plant and opened in 1991.