Female DPS officers face firing if waist size over 35 inches: Lawsuit

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- The Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association filed a lawsuit Wednesday over a policy that limits the size of a trooper's waistline.

According to the rule, which was implemented last year by DPS, men's waists can't be larger than 40 inches and women's can't be larger than 35 inches.

The lawsuit claims the rule is discriminatory and says troopers who don't meet the physical fitness standards may face termination, transfer and demotion, despite passing all other physical fitness requirements. DPSOA is asking a judge for an injunction to stop the requirement.

In spring 2019, DPS conducted fitness testing on 1,153 officers and 594 did not meet the waistline requirements, according to the lawsuit.

The DPS refused to comment about the issue.
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