2 men and a woman accused of intending to have sex with dog on Christmas Day

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Two Baytown men and a Houston woman have been charged with bestiality after authorities say they intended for a dog to have sex with the woman on Christmas day in 2017.

The multiple charges span both Harris and Jefferson counties.

In the Harris county incident, charging documents show Jerrid Cook brought his dog to the apartment of Rebekah Little in southwest Houston so that Little could have sex with his dog, as a way of celebrating the dog's first birthday.

However, the dog named Ryder would not cooperate, according to records reviewed by ABC13.

In a Houston police interview, Little told investigators that she got nervous and never engaged in sex with the dog. She told investigators that she and Jerrid Cook ended up having sex with each other instead.

The case in Jefferson County involves Little and another man, Kevin Cook. It's not yet clear if the men are related. Both Little and Kevin Cook have been charged with bestiality in Jefferson County. However, because neither is under arrest, details of their alleged actions were not yet public.

According to Texas state law, actual intercourse between an animal and a human are not required for bestiality charges to be filed. Just the intent and planning out of the act is enough for felony charges.

Both Jerrid Cook and Little have been charged with bestiality in Harris County.

Kevin Cook and Little have been charged with bestiality in Jefferson County.

So far, only Rebekah Little is in custody. Warrants are out for the the arrest of the two men.

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