Dog reunites with family after missing for ten years

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Dog reunited with family after 10 years.
Dog reunited with family after 10 years.

MIAMI, FL (KTRK) -- Yajaira Fuentes says she's got a new pair of angels after her teacup Yorkshire Terrier was returned after missing for ten years.

A couple found her dog, Ginger, last week here in Houston and took her to a vet where her microchip was scanned.

"The vet scanned her and all my information came out," Fuentes said.

Fuentes says the dog escaped after playing in the yard with her sons when it disappeared.

Katherine Fraser's boyfriend found the dog and was able to reach out to Fuentes.

"Who would say that it's readable after 10 years and she was worried because the dog was in Texas...she thought we moved to Texas and didn't update the information," she said.

Fuentes paid for boarding and a flight home but is thankful to have her dog back. She says Ginger's road to recover is long with surgeries in her future to remove tumors.

Still, she's home.

"If you find a pet post signs, she wouldn't be in this condition," Fuentes added.