Woman goes missing looking for brother who disappeared

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Texas Equusearch is joining the investigation into what happened to two family members who disappeared within days of each other in southwest Houston.

Volunteers will begin a search Saturday for Rogelio Escobar and his sister, Dina Escobar, near Hiram Clarke and West Orem Drive.

Rogelio vanished on Sunday. His backpack, shoes and shirt were left on the porch at his home on Prudence Drive where he was last seen.

"Tuesday, when he hadn't come back home, my mom decided to go look for him," Ligia Salamanca, Rogelio's niece, explained.

Ligia's mom, Dina, was traveling in her white minivan, which has the words "Cleaning Connect" on it and a back window taped up. She too disappeared after she left.

We were there Friday as the family searched Sims Bayou, passed out flyers and scoured the nearby neighborhood for the siblings. Dina texts and talks to her kids every day, so they believe something's not right.

"We're trying to hang in there. We just have a really bad feeling. This is not something normal. They wouldn't be gone this long. They wouldn't not contact us," Salamanca continued.

The family has their suspicions, but so far, Houston Police Department can only confirm that they got the Escobar case on Wednesday and are investigating.

For now, the family is asking everyone to view their surveillance cameras and rack their brains about what they've seen the past couple of days. Do you recognize the van? Do the siblings look familiar? Any little thing will help.

"We have to find the van. We need to find something, some kind of lead," Salamanca said.

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