Deputy's rap music incident post goes viral

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Restaurant responds to viral post
Tracy Clemons reports on a viral Facebook post involving law enforcement and a barbecue restaurant

CROSBY, TX (KTRK) -- A deputy's experience at a Crosby barbecue restaurant has blown up online. He was with a group of fellow deputies at Going's BBQ when they heard insulting music blaring from the kitchen.

It was the rap group NWA's well-known anti-police anthem "(Expletive) The Police."

Deputy Cates is a regular at Going's BBQ. He says he had no idea his post would blow up the way it did. More than 5,000 people have shared it.

The owner says under no circumstances do the words of that song or the conduct of their employee reflect on his business' views. And the employee who started this firestorm won't be back.

"Anybody who knows anything about this business knows we strongly support our men and women in blue and we try to provide them the most hospitable environment," says Rigoberto Ruiz.

Rigoberto Ruiz is the co-owner of three Going's BBQ locations including the one in Crosby. Many of his regulars are men and women in blue. So imagine the surprise of the deputies when they heard "(Expletive) the Police" blasting.

In a Facebook post posted Monday, Deputy Cates says "the guy washing dishes was singing the song and pointing out towards the eating area. He turned and noticed me standing there and started laughing."

"The kid thought it was a joke so he continued playing it," Ruiz explains.

But Ruiz and Deputy Cates agree this was no laughing matter. It was a serious matter.

Cates came back with his wife and another deputy to report it to the manager. He says the manager laughed him off, and that led him to write the Facebook post.

The owners say it was a miscommunication because of a language barrier. The employee who played the song has been fired.

"This kid clearly did something that was completely out of bounds. He did something, first of all the vulgar language that was involved as well as his stance, we clearly do not abide by."

His mom tells Eyewitness News her 17-year-old son is "...embarrassed by it and sorry for what happened. He made a mistake and realizes what he did was wrong. He's deeply sorry."

Cates tells us he spoke with the owner in detail. He wants everyone who posted that they're going to stop eating at Going's to know that yes, there was a problem, and it has been resolved.

"We're moving forward as well as we always have been working in conjunction with the police officer community," adds Ruiz. "We make sure they feel like just every other customer, as well as giving them some discounts because they protect and serve our community. Always have and always will."

Going's also released the following statement:

"Due to recent events, we at Going's BBQ would like to publicly apologize and offer the following statement. First and foremost, we as a company would like to express our most sincere apologies to all of the parties that have been affected. Though the recent action did not take place in our establishment (Baytown), as an owner of the Going's BBQ chain I would like to make it publicly clear that the incident does not reflect my company's position on law enforcement. As a family business we pride ourselves in reflecting the values our community. Because of your support over the last twenty years we have distinguished ourselves by providing the most hospitable service possible, especially for our law enforcement community. A public statement has been issued from the establishment where the incident occurred and I have personally have spoken to media outlets as well as the individuals involved. It is unfortunate this event is a result of a language barrier but, we would like to reiterate our support towards the law enforcement community. In efforts to show our support we will be holding an event at our Crosby and Baytown locations to treat our officers to a free meal. We hope that the image that we established over the last few decades will continue to reflect our stance as respectable business owners and members within the community. We would like to also thank the community which has continued to support us and our commitment to providing quality service and a family oriented environment.

Owners: Stilita Ruiz, Rigoberto Ruiz"

Deputy Cates says he plans to update his post.

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