Legendary Houston TV anchor Dave Ward sits down for 10 provocative questions on his triumphant return

ByKen Hoffman for Houston CultureMap CultureMap logo
Tuesday, August 21, 2018
ABC13 launches 'Dave Ward's Houston'
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ABC13 launches 'Dave Ward's Houston'

HOUSTON, Texas -- Let's just call it a glitch, the past 18 months, when TV's longest-running anchorman, ABC13's Dave Ward - 50 years to infinity - was off the air.

Ward is back. He returns to ABC13 next month hosting segments called "Dave Ward's Houston," in which he will provide his personal, iconic takes on our city. So, while he's busy dusting off Houston's history book and rewriting his own, let's sit him down for 10 Questions.

Ken Hoffman: After more than 50 years of precise, clock-punching life in TV news, did you go batty without a rigid time schedule?

Dave Ward: It was never really a very controlled environment or schedule. Things blew up constantly and I always had to be available to cover them. However, these past 18 months have been busier than I could have imagined, and I didn't have near the free time I thought I would have. I have a few projects that I am not able to announce yet, and it has been a huge commitment of time for me.

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