Meet League City's own 'Dash Gordon'

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Sunday, April 24, 2022
Meet League City's own 'Dash Gordon'
A League City man is delivering smiles, meals and so much more in his city.

LEAGUE CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A League City man is delivering smiles along with meals and so much more in his community.

We caught up with Timothy Glover, who says he is a corporate trainer by day and Dash Gordon by night.

"I started wearing the costume and putting myself out there and delivering, and it's gone haywire," Glover said. "People are just loving it."

The costume was inspired by the superhero The Flash.

Glover's Dash character was created after his wife had a health scare. The couple thought a vacation was just what they needed, so to make some extra cash, Glover picked up a second job as a Door Dash driver. After just a few shifts, he realized he could take the gig to a whole new level. Now he said it's his community that has kept him going these last few months.

"This is really kind of catchy," Glover recalled, "but I said, you know what, though -- let's forget about the tips. Let's forget about the additional funds that Dash Gordon can make. What can Dash Gordon do for his community?"

Glover explained, "The first person who reached out was a young single mother and she said, 'Look, I need some help ... I'm embarrassed. I'm struggling but need some help and I've got a 1-year-old.'"

That's when Dash jumped into action.

"I got donations from my local neighborhood and I went and I delivered her diapers and wipes and some additional funds to get her through the weekend, and then I also did it for another young lady as well," Glover said.

The response has been overwhelming, proven with a check of Glover's social media accounts.

His Facebook page is flooded with photos and videos of Dash Gordon sightings. Residents he serves in and around League City have found him on social media, too.

The City of League City even created a video featuring Dash Gordon doing what he does best -- making appearances, delivering smiles and meals in a flash.

"I have plans on visiting the children's hospitals and things like that, and just putting smiles on people's faces," Glover added. "We live in a crazy time."

As for that family vacation they originally planned on taking, Glover says they've finally made their plans and you never know if Dash may show up.