'He was laughing': Grandfather tells only ABC13 about driver accused of DWI when he hit 6-year-old

Police said Pedro Alberto Hernandez admitted to drinking four beers before 6-year-old Darien Lewis was hit on Leawood Boulevard.

Monday, October 3, 2022
Only on 13: Driver smirking after hitting 6-year-old with autism, grandfather says
ONLY ON 13: Little Darien Lewis' grandfather is describing the gruesome and painful moment he lost his grandson to someone who had been charged with DWI at least twice before.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A 6-year-old boy who was struck by a car and killed has been identified as Darien Lewis. His grandfather was there as Darien was stuck underneath the truck that he saw repeatedly hit him.

"I got on the ground, and I held him," Dana Hubbard, Darien's grandfather, said only to ABC13. "I felt his pulse and said, 'We have a pulse. Someone call 911 to get my grandson some help.' To take his last breath, and him letting go of my hand, it hurts a whole lot."

Hubbard said his grandchildren were at his home having dinner when they decided to walk across the street to get a snack on Leawood Boulevard in southwest Houston. His grandson was walking across the parking lot in front of a washateria when he saw the truck.

"He came in on my left side and hit my grandson. That's how close he was to me," Hubbard said. "I was able to hit his car to let him know what happened. I ran around and I said, 'You just hit my grandson.' He stopped, he backed up, drove over my grandson again, and stopped his truck on his head."

ORIGINAL STORY: Suspect charged with murder after fatally hitting minor 3 times on Leawood, documents show

Hubbard said the driver smirked at him while he was shouting to get off his grandson, so he opened his front door.

"I swung out on him because he was laughing and thought it was funny," Hubbard said.

Houston police charged Pedro Alberto Hernandez with murder and DWI - third offense or more. According to police, Hernandez admitted to drinking four beers beforehand. Records indicate Hernandez was still on probation for a DWI conviction out of Fort Bend County in 2020. Under his probation conditions, Hernandez cannot drink and had to install and maintain an ignition interlock device.

"They let him get away. The buck has to stop somewhere," Hubbard said. "Someone has to be held accountable for their actions. No more slap on the wrist."

Darien had autism, but his grandfather said he knew how to show his love and was just learning to say more words.

"That part is hard," Hubbard said. "Knowing what he could have been, even though he was disabled, knowing he could not live out his full potential."

Hubbard wants his grandson to be remembered for his kind heart. Darien leaves behind a little brother and cousins who he cared for deeply. He always wore a fedora, which one of his little cousins has been wearing in honor of him, and held onto his teddy bear.

"He was a loving and respectable child," Hubbard said. "He is a sweet little boy. He always gave everyone hugs."

Hernandez's wife spoke to ABC13 and wanted to express to the family how sorry she was and her heart goes out to them. She maintains her husband was not drinking beforehand and said his car would not turn on without him using a breathalyzer.

ABC13 has reached out to the Harris County District Attorney's Office for comment.

Hernandez is behind bars on a combined $600,000 bond.

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