13 Unsolved: 6 years later, where is Danielle Sleeper?

MAGNOLIA, Texas (KTRK) -- It's been six years since Danielle Sleeper, a 32-year-old wife and mother to three children, seemingly vanished from her Magnolia home. Now, there's a new push from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office cold case team to figure out what happened to her.

MCSO detectives contacted ABC13's Courtney Fischer to feature an update on the "13 Unsolved" series.

"You've got a mother of (three) -- a very young mother -- and a lot of family in the area, a lot of friends in the area, and she just suddenly disappears? We know something is wrong," Specialist Steve Squier told ABC13. "We know this isn't a case of someone who just wanted to start a life somewhere else. The community is just super involved in this case."

On March 22, 2015, friends say they saw Danielle arguing with her husband at a friend's BBQ party. Investigators say the couple left together in his white 1996 F-350 dually truck around 1 a.m. The next day, no one could get ahold of Danielle.

The morning after the BBQ party, investigators say Danielle'a husband went out to run some errands. When he came home, he says Danielle was missing, along with her purse and cell phone.

Her husband called the sheriff's office and a missing person report was filed.

In the past six years that Danielle has been missing, investigators have worked dozens of leads, searching woods all over Houston and draining lakes and ponds looking for clues. Squier says they haven't found any strong evidence.

"When you've got young children looking for their mother, and we've got the community trying to help by giving us as much information as they can, yes, it does make us have that push to close this case and work a little harder than what we already do," Squier said.

Detectives are hoping posting Danielle's case on the electronic Clear Channel billboard will jog someone's memory. Danielle's picture will scroll on 32 billboards in Harris, Montgomery, Galveston, Fort Bend and Austin counties. Thousands of sets of eyes will see it every day.

The Crime Stoppers cash reward in this case isn't your average sum -- it's $21,000. One anonymous donor put up $20,000 of the money.

If you have any information about what happened to Danielle Sleeper, call 1-800-392-STOP. As always, your tips are anonymous.

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