Mother of 4-year-old killed in dog attack speaks out

Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Mother of 4-year-old killed in viscous pit bull attack speaks out
"He was ready for his 5th birthday party and kindergarten," said the boy's mother.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The mother of a 4-year-old boy mauled to death by a pack of Pit Bulls in February speaks out for the first time.

Daijah McClay said her son, Drué Parker, stayed with her aunt in Baytown for the night. He was supposed to come home that afternoon before she got the phone call that would change her life.

"She was like, 'I'm so sorry.' I said, 'What happened?' And she said, 'Drué got beat by the dogs," McClay said. "After that, she kept crying on the phone."

McClay said the dogs belonged to her aunt's husband. While she said they never gave her reason to believe the dogs were aggressive, a sign was on their door warning otherwise.

"He just woke up," McClay said. "He was looking for my little cousin. She wasn't in the room. He opened the door. She was feeding the dogs as soon as you open the door. They said she told him to go back in the room."

That's when the ambush began before moving outside. Surveillance footage from a neighbor captured the horrifying attack.

"One jumped on him. Another one, and another one," McClay said.

Animal control seized the dogs in February 2022.

McClay shared videos of her son, who she said was always smiling, kind, larger than life, and loved to perform for the camera.

"He was talking about his birthday coming up," McClay said. "He was ready for his 5th birthday party and kindergarten."

McClay still is in communication with her aunt and her husband. When asked if she blames them, she said there are a lot of mixed emotions.

McClay hopes her son's story can make a difference and prevent other families from similar tragedies.

"Check the environment you let your kids go, no matter who it is, go always to make sure it's safe," McClay said.

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Animal control seized the dogs responsible for the deadly attack, police said. A neighbor was also injured while trying to intervene.