Bull chases entertainer during Heritage Day celebration

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Bull chases singer
Bull chases singer after escaping from pen, Steve Campion reports.

HUMBLE (KTRK) -- Singer Cupid, whose real name is Bryson Bernard, calls what happened in Humble this past weekend "the scariest moment" of his life. The R&B singer was set to perform at a Heritage Day halftime show for the Black Professional Cowboys and Cowgirls Association.

Incredible video into abc13 shows what happened next. Cupid steps down from a carriage when a bull jumps over a fence and comes charging at him.

"It was crazy. When I first saw the bull, it was all a blue," said Cupid. "I ran track in college. I thought I lost it all. I planted that boot in that dirt. I just went for the hills. There was a 6-foot fence and I just dove over it. I landed on my shoulder."

You can hear the crowd yelling. Seconds later, an announcer calls for a paramedic.

Sharon Stoll-Beckett is with the Black Professional Cowboys and Cowgirls Association. She arranged the performance and was on the carriage when the bull went after the singer.

"He was very lucky. I didn't know he was that fast," said Stoll-Beckett. "The bull cleared the pen. I was in the carriage. I looked up and said, 'What the heck?' Everyone was screaming and hollering. The next thing I know, Cupid cleared the fence."

Stoll-Beckett said they're grateful no one was seriously injured. She explained there are professionals on hand to deal with such situations. Stoll-Beckett stressed this is very rare.

"We do have medical services on standby. We do try to make sure our guests are safe," said Stoll-Beckett. "You never know what's going to happen. It's rodeo life."

It's hard not to get flash backs to a similar incident in Houston. In 2010 at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo which is not associated with the Black Professional Cowboys and Cowgirls, a bull got loose and was seen running around a private parking lot. Rodeo wranglers were quickly able to round up the animal. Representatives said they learned from the experience and adjusted safety procedures.

Representatives released the following statement to abc13:

"After a bull got loose from the rodeo holding pens in NRG Stadium in 2010, additional safety and security protocols were put into place in less than 24 hours. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo management and staff evaluated the loading procedures and timeline for rodeo bucking stock to create the safest environment possible for livestock, rodeo athletes and staff. These enhanced protocols have been in place since 2010."

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