Giant crocodile scares fishermen in Australia

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Monday, May 29, 2017
Giant crocodile scares fishermen in Australia
Two fishermen were scared off by a giant crocodile in Kununurra, Western Australia, on May 21.

KUNUNURRA, Australia (KTRK) -- Watch out for that croc!

Matt Cox and his friend were out fishing in the Ord River in western Australia on May 21 when they had a close encounter with a giant crocodile.

After a while on the boat, they saw what Cox described as a "4.5 to 5 meter saltwater croc on the bank with 3 legs."

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The pair decided to steer their boat towards the shoreline to have a closer look at the animal. However, the crocodile was not happy about the unwanted attention, and made a menacing leap towards the boat and scared the men enough to quickly navigate the boat away.

Although the men did not expect the crocodile to leap at them, Cox said that they found the incident thrilling because his friend from Victoria had never seen a crocodile before.

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