Employee fights back as man tries to rob Cricket Wireless store 3rd time

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies are looking for a man they believe has robbed a Cricket Wireless store a number of times.

Surveillance video shows a robbery in December where the man got away with money, and new video from last Thursday shows another incident involving what appears to be the same man.

Thursday, however, when the man came in the store, employees fought back.

"That's when he came back and tried to fight me, and that's when I tried to hit him with a pole," said Kimberly Thompson.

Thompson said when they told the culprit to go away he came behind the counter and that's when a tussle began.

One of the clerks was able to remove the head covering from the man's head, as he ran out of store.

Deputies have a clearer picture of the culprit's face, but he is still on the run.
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