Man struck by lightning while walking his dogs learns CPR

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- Alex Coreas kept his word.

Weeks after he was struck by lightning, Coreas learned how to perform CPR.

Cypress Creek EMS posted photos of Coreas, his parents, and employees of the Steubner Airline Veterinary Hospital participating in the class on Tuesday.

The class instructor, Joe Kiff, was also the EMS supervisor who responded to the call when Coreas was struck.

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Coreas was walking his dogs on Oct. 3 when a lightning bolt seemed to come out of nowhere. Coreas collapsed instantly.

Two workers at a veterinary clinic next door rushed to his aid and performed CPR until they could feel a pulse.

"It's crazy. They ran to me and did something, not just standing there," Coreas told Eyewitness News on Oct. 7. "I'm lucky to be alive, and I just want to go on living my life. And I have a story to tell."

You can learn more about CPR classes at Cypress Creek EMS here.
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