Richmond ranch hosts Texas Cowboy Fast Draw Championship

Jacob Rascon Image
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Texas Cowboy Fast Draw Championship
It sounds like something from a western movie, but Cowboy Fast Draw is a lightning-fast sport. The best in game gathered for the state contest in Richmond.

RICHMOND, Texas (KTRK) -- The 2024 Cowboy Fast Draw Texas Championship attracted shooters from across the state to the Historic George Ranch in Fort Bend County.

These cowboys and cowgirls, always dressed the part and known only by their aliases, duel with authentic six guns about as fast as you can blink.

Unlike your favorite western, they shoot wax bullets at targets!

"We have a real special shell that has a shotgun primer in it," Preacher Man explained. "As soon as there's a light, we pull the gun out of our holsters as fast as we can to be able to hit that target to score a time."

Thousands of people in dozens of states enjoy the fast-growing sport of Cowboy Fast Draw. This is the first time the Richmond-based Lone Star Gunslingers chapter of the national Cowboy Fast Draw Association has hosted the state championship.

Local chapter officials invited Richmond mayor Becky Haas, Precinct One Constable Chad Norvell, ABC13 anchor Jacob Rascon and others to compete in the "celebrity" portion of the competition.

No beginner's luck for Rascon, who missed the target in all but a few of his first 10 shots. But Preacher Man's training eventually paid off.

The celebrity competition came down to Rascon and the constable. Watch the video to see what happened next.

Congratulations to the real winners, with much faster times!

Women: KK Kid, She'll Shock, Shady Lady, Mean Mary and Texas Tornado.

Men: Chief Run Amuck, Dago, Old West, Red Rock and Burnet Bandit.