Vans steps in to support small businesses by creating custom shoes

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Friday, May 15, 2020
Vans supports small businesses with custom shoes
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Vans is giving back to a number of small businesses with their Foot the Bill campaign, which features custom shoes.

While many small businesses are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, some bigger companies like Vans are stepping in to help. DJ Chavez, a retired professional skateboarder, co-opened a skate shop in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, CA called Kingswell in 2013.

"I think every child skateboarder's dream is to one day on their own skate shop, I think, besides [going] professional," said Chavez.

When the "Safer at Home" order hit and nonessential businesses had to shut down their shops, Chavez immediately grew worried.

"Everybody's life right now is nervousness and uncertainty. Double that when you provide for yourself through your own brick-and-mortar store," Chavez said.

But Kingswell is staying afloat thanks to a new campaign. Vans started Foot the Bill to support small businesses.

With Foot the Bill, Chavez got to create custom Kingswell Vans that people can buy on the Vans website. Vans says the proceeds will be donated to at least 80 small businesses like Kingswell.

"This is just something that like it took so much stress off of the plate in just the sense of help," Chavez said. "This was like a breath of fresh air in a very uncertain time."