Meet the couple who beat COVID-19 at 96 and 88 years old!

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Friday, May 8, 2020
Couple beats COVID-19 at 96 at 88 years old!
Ralph and Adelene Abercia both beat COVID-19!

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- A 96 year old four time cancer survivor and his 88 year old wife, who is a two time cancer survivor, are celebrating after they both recovered from COVID19.

Ralph and Adelene Abercia were both diagnosed with the virus in mid-March.

Adelene started feeling weak and was having trouble breathing.

Ralph collapsed at home with a high fever and ended up spending two weeks at Houston Methodist Hospital.

"It happened so dadgum fast, it knocked me out and then I don't remember too much from the time I passed out,' said Ralph.

"I had never experienced where it takes away your breath totally," Adelene explained. "You have a sore throat. You cough and your cough comes down all the way from your stomach and it hurts. My chest is still heavy."

Their recoveries have been difficult, and they're still quarantined at home, but they've both been declared virus free since the end of April.

"We thought this is going to be the end for both of us and we prayed and prayed and God answered us," said Adelene. "We realize that there is love out there in the world still."

As for Ralph, he's been dancing at home to celebrate!

"That's one thing that's keeping me going, playing and dancing and moving your body and really enjoying life," he explained.