Man helping unemployed health care workers get jobs

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As hospitals and emergency centers deal with a surge of COVID-19 patients, smaller health clinics and other medical services are struggling with the demand for their services at an all-time low. It's leading to furloughs and layoffs for many

One Houston man is hoping he can help medical professionals who are now without work, provide their services to the health care industry as they battle COVID-19.

"You could be a nurse, you could be a respiratory technician, you could be a medical technician, what we trying to do is when things get really serious or we fall into an emergency situation we're prepared," said Cruize Gaj.

Gaj has been in health care marketing for nearly 18 years. He has created a data base called Health Force for medical professionals who have lost their jobs, to enter in their information.

Gaj says that data base will be accessible to hospitals and health care facilities who may be overwhelmed with the demand for services.

Medical Assistant Stephanie Wilcox is a health care professional now out of work, who says she is ready to help out with the pandemic if needed.

"I mean I would answer the call of action if they were to choose me, I would jump in, in a heart beat," said Wilcox.

To enter yourself in the data base visit here.

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