Local oil company teams up with restaurant to disinfect first responders' cars for free

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Garner Oil company is partnering with Demeris Bar-B-Q to offer first responders a free drive-up service to disinfect their work vehicle.

In the parking lot of Demeris, located off the West Loop and 18th street, first responders and medical staff lined up to get their vehicles disinfected.

"We want to give back to the people that serve. It's a free service to you guys," said Jesse Rodriguez, General Manager of Garner Oil Company. "We want to make sure that you stay healthy and safe. What better way for us to be able to do that, than treat your vehicle, which is basically your second home."

Rodriguez said the solution that they are using kills the coronavirus, and it can last on any surface for at least one month.

"Biopledge has abundant ingredients. It's safe to use on any surface. Once applied, let it dry up and it will bond to the surface," Rodriguez said. "That is the difference between this and any other disinfectant. It stays active on any surface for 30 to 120 days."

The process takes about five minutes.

"They're out on the frontlines and they're putting themselves out in front of this every day," owner of Demeris Yonny Demeris said. "We really appreciate that."

For more information about the Biopledge treatment, call 281-714-8517.

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