American Council on Aging helping older Americans fight inflation

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
American Council on Aging helping older Americans fight inflation
The American Council on Aging aims to help older U.S. citizens fight inflation as the federal cost of living continues to increase in 2024.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The rising cost of living is impacting all of us, but inflation is hitting older Americans especially hard. In particular, it's taking a bite out of the budgets people with fixed incomes live on.

There is help available. However, many people have no idea what they qualify for, leaving an estimated $30 billion on the table each year in unused benefits, according to The National Council on Aging.

The organization works to help connect people with programs that help pay for necessities like food, electricity, rent, and medicine.

There are two ways to find out what kind of help may be available for you or someone you love. You can go to the Benefits CheckUp website to find federal, state, and local resources or call 1-800-794-6559 to interact with a representative who can walk you through the process.

The American Council on Aging's chief customer officer, Josh Hodges, said shame is a key hurdle some older Americans have to overcome.

"There's also a perspective that you've done something wrong to qualify for these benefits. That is absolutely not true. Many people age into older adulthood and all of a sudden have an illness or a fall, and they have to spin through some of their hard-earned savings. So, we want to make sure people understand that these benefits of programs are out there, even if you don't qualify for them this year," Hodges said.

Hodges also said it's a good idea to check the website or call that number periodically because you may qualify for more benefits over time.

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