Why you should totally wear a costume to Comicpalooza

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Saturday, May 26, 2018
Why you should wear a costume to Comicpalooza
Why you should wear a costume to Comicpalooza

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- You may think wearing a costume is weird or maybe nerdy, but at Comicpalooza, it's part of the experience.

Comicpalooza is the largest annual, multi-genre, comic book, science fiction, anime, gaming, and pop-culture convention in the southern United States and is held right here in Houston, Texas.

Each year thousands converge on the George R. Brown Convention Center to totally nerd out. Some think of it as Halloween 2.0.

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Many convention-goers wear elaborate costumes or cosplay that take a lot work and skill to craft, while others get a little more use out of last year's Halloween costume. Either way, everyone has a lot of fun.

If you're thinking about dressing up as one of the Avengers and heading down to the GRB, go ahead and do it. Someone may even ask to take a picture with you.

Meet Houston's biggest nerds and cosplay star.