Coronavirus concerns: Staying healthy at the Rodeo

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Rodeo season officially kicks off Tuesday! It's an event that draws in thousands of people every year.

Despite the concerns of germs, Mayor Sylvester Turner is still encouraging people to come out, so we have some tips to keep you and your family healthy.

"Hand hygiene is probably the best way to keep yourself healthy in a big, crowded space," Infectious disease specialist with UT Health Dr. Michael Chang said.

The RodeoHouston website has several tips on how to wash your hands, even adding additional hand sanitizing stations to the grounds.

Another tip is to bring your own sanitizing bottle but make sure it has at least 60 percent alcohol.

"If you're going to have a snack with kids, make sure you have a hand sanitizer," Dr. Chang said. "You can't be perfect. The key is really hand hygiene."

As the cases have continued to spread throughout the country, the rumors have too. That's is why the Harris County rumor control website has separated facts from fiction.

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Lastly, do everything you can to keep your germs to yourself.

"Don't share drinks. Try to not use shared utensils and watch out for hard surfaces that may be contaminated," Chang told Eyewitness News.


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