How to ease your family's coronavirus anxieties

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Experts say lean into the facts, not the fears surrounding COVID-19.
Eyewitness News spoke with psychotherapist Ty David Lerman about the outbreak. He said it is important you limit you and your kids' consumption of the sensational stories.

David Lerman said the fear of the unknown is what creates anxiety and leads to misinformation.

"Any time we are missing information, our brain will try and connect the dots. Usually the lie that we tell ourselves, the make believe we create in our heads, is far worse than the actual thing that is happening. We are prone to go to the worst case scenario," said David Lerman. "As much as possible, just ground yourself in the facts. Lean into the facts."

David Lerman said parents must talk with their kids and let them know it is okay to come forward with any questions.

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