Car insurance companies to reduce costs during COVID-19 pandemic

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- With most of the country staying at home, people are driving less which is lessening the likelihood of traffic crashes.

In response, some insurance companies are giving drivers a break on their auto insurance premiums.

The Consumer Federation of America and Center for Economic Justice evaluated insurance companies on the amount and timeliness of premium relief, with a report card.

Insurance companies have announced refunds or credits to drivers worth more than $6.5 billion, that accounts for 82% of the auto policies sold in the U.S.

American Family Insurance got an A. It's providing an immediate $50 refund for each vehicle.

Shelter Insurance got a B+ for covering 30% of customers premiums for April and May.

Allstate got a B for its 15% discount for April and May.

And State Farm, the country's largest auto insurer got an A. Starting in June, it's giving credits that amount to a 25% reduction in bills from March 20 through May 31. That's about to $20 per month, per vehicle.

Among the companies that scored poorly: Geico, with a D-. It has promised $2 billion in relief, but it's requiring customers to renew their policies before seeing any savings. ABC13 reached out to Geico for a statement, but did not get a response.

In most of these cases, you don't need to do anything to get the money back or discount. You will see the credit or refund on your next bill.

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