What you're doing before you start cooking that could be bad for you this Memorial Day weekend

It's almost time to fire up the grill for Memorial Day weekend, but you want to make sure you celebrate and cook safely.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for this weekend:

1. Take your time. All Texans know that the best brisket has been slow-cooked for at least ten hours.

2. Don't use synthetic fluids or fire-starters. The chemicals will get into your cooking, which both tastes terrible and is terrible for you.

3. Make sure your grill isn't on a combustible balcony or within ten feet of combustible walls. You probably don't want to spend your holiday weekend with the Houston Fire Department.

4. Always use a charcoal lighter, not gasoline, when lighting BBQ charcoal.

5. Finally, don't forget about safety when you're cleaning up. You always want to put all your hot ash and coals into a non-combustible container until it cools or is saturated with water.

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