Unfinished theme park files $10 million lawsuit

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- The promotional video for Adventure Pointe hints at nostalgia and the promise of fun days ahead.

"The 35-acre site will host a thrilling and innovative theme park," reads the narrator with ragtime music underneath.

The park designs called for restaurants, retail, rides, games, and even a concert venue.

Local doctor Harvey Slusky created the park in the image of Playland Park, the pre-cursor to Astroworld, run by his father Louis Slusky.

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But years after breaking ground, Adventure Pointe is unfinished. Some of its rides have been built and others are partially constructed.

A new lawsuit purports to explain why. Slusky is suing his former attorney and the team of architects and builders who court records contend lied to him, defrauded him, and took his money for their own gain instead of putting it into the park.

When ABC13 attempted to contact all of the defendants, one responded and said, "No comment."

The Sluskys have yet to comment publicly on the suit either. But they've told the courts they're out $10 million from the venture that had yet to provide any adventures as intended.

Fifth-grader Lizzy Ricks would love to visit the theme park, which sits next door to her neighborhood.

"I would like to go to it and try some of the rides," she said. "But it doesn't look like it's going to open because it's been sitting there for a while."

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